A downloadable game for Windows

Created together with Scuqualo.

We're both University students, and due to our exams, we only managed to start working on this small project on July the 29th.

It's not much, but we had fun with it, and sincerely hope you'll do too.

We tried a bit of everything, from scripts to audio recording. Nothing was great but we managed to learn a lot.

-Known Bugs & Glitches:

-Pressing the ALT button allows the player to zoom out. This was a development tool we used, and never actually removed. Using it will likely cause trouble.

Install instructions

Just download the installer and let it do it's magic. It's a really small game, so it shouldn't take much at all.


UnknownCaller.exe 10 MB

Development log


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Gave it a go...


I loved the video (thumbnail is awesome)! Hope you had fun with our little thing here. Thanks for playing, and for your kind words!